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If you like my pictures and you are looking for any particular information about holidays in Portugal, suggestions for travelling, places to go, where to eat, portuguese typical food, etc., feel free to get in touch! My blog isn’t translated to other languages so far but it will be a future project.

Admirável Portugal | Wonderful Portugal

I’ve started this blog after a small trip to the countryside, after the end of the state of emergency that confined much of the country to their homes. On that trip to Covilhã, a snowy city, in the presence of the majesty of the mountains, listening to the birds, inspiring freedom, enjoying the silence cut only by the running of some stream in the background, I gave thanks for the moment and felt lucky to be there.

I’m a fan of shorter trips and longer trips, fond of good Portuguese cuisine and always ready for a click. I decided to share my trips here in the hope of inspiring others to discover the wonders of this country so rich in historical and cultural heritage. From going to the beach in my home town, to the foray into the forgotten countryside.

The photographic record and the account of the experiences expressed in “Viagens em Portugal” are entirely mine.

I hope you like it and that at some point it will serve as an idea, inspiration or good memory!

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